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    Welcome to the exclusive RRT Member Portal! By joining and accessing this site, you understand and agree that all materials within are strictly prohibited from being reproduced or disseminated in any fashion and are to be accessed only by active RRT Members in a private setting.

    These materials are only for use as a learning process. It does not provide certification or permit you to train others.

    The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy recognizes that some of our trainees are not state licensed practitioners and may wish to offer Rapid Resolution Therapy services in their individual states. The laws regarding providing such services by unlicensed practitioners vary from state to state. IRRT does not and is not qualified to offer any opinion on this legality and urge you to speak with a qualified attorney and/or the relevant authorities in your state before offering Rapid Resolution Therapy services.

    Rapid Resolution Therapy® is a registered trademark owned by Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, LCSW and all requests for permission to utilize the trademark or offer trainings under its title must be in writing and officially approved by Dr. Connelly. You must have written consent when referencing RRT on any promotional or other written materials. You must be in good standing as an RRT Practitioner and must include written credit to Dr. Jon Connelly as the founding member of Rapid Resolution Therapy on said materials as noted below:

    "About the Founder: Jon Connelly, PhD, LCSW

    Dr. Connelly is the founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy, a revolutionary psychotherapeutic approach to resolving emotional and behavioral difficulties. He has also founded The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, a non-profit (501C3) organization providing mental health professionals with state-of-the-art training in advanced clinical methods of eliminating the negative influence of trauma. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. Thousands of mental health professionals have participated in his trainings."

    Thank you for joining our healing community! We hope you find the materials and services provided to be of great value and welcome your feedback!
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